Coaching is a structured, one-to-one thinking session with a Time To Think qualified coach. It is a rare opportunity to think for yourself as yourself, without interruption, on any (usually work-related) topic.

Given that we live complex and intertwined lives, sometimes the boundaries between work, the role and the person-in-the role are not that rigid. The topics are up to you. They can encompass leadership, management, career, skills, or any work, or indeed life, issue that is important to you.

Questions and issues often brought to coaching sessions 

•I’m a bit stuck and am not sure where to go from here

•What is my leadership style?

•How can I develop into a better leader?

•I’m not sure how to write my strategy

•I’ve got a very difficult working environment and I need to find a new way to manage  

•How do I build engagement, energy & enthusiasm in my team?

•How do I influence & persuade stakeholders to buy my idea?

•Where am I going in my career and how do I develop myself?

•How do I address skills gaps, short or medium term?

If you are paid the best generative attention, you will be able to think things through and arrive at the best ideas and solutions for yourself.  We will never tell you what to think or do or offer advice, unless you ask for it. This is the Thinking Partnership approach.

Start Coaching

Things to consider before you start your coaching journey:

It is very important that there is a rapport and trust with your coach otherwise it is unlikely that you will be able to make best use of the sessions - making the right choice is key.  

For a free, no-obligation conversation about how coaching might work for you, please contact Vital Space.

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