Getting the best from people means getting their best thinking. This means knowing how to be with people, how to offer them the highest quality attention based on genuine interest in what they think and on the expectation that they can think for themselves better than anyone can think for them.

Everything begins with thinking. If our thinking is good, our decisions are good, our actions are good, our outcomes are good. So what does it take for us to think for ourselves – with rigour, imagination, courage and grace?
— Nancy Kline Founder and President, Time To Think

After years of observation we noticed that the most important factor in whether people can think for themselves well is how they are being treated by the people with them while they are thinking. 

Ten Components 

Creating the conditions and a culture where everyone is free to think for themselves, as themselves, helps to drive creativity and effective collaboration.

We must be more drivingly interested in what a person really thinks than we are frightened of being proved wrong.
— Nancy Kline